American Insurance Association David S. Lauer

American Insurance Association (AIA)

"The American Insurance Association has been banking with Chain Bridge Bank since 2014. We originally turned to Chain Bridge when we were in a pinch and needed a quick turn-around on setting up an ancillary account. We had been introduced to Chain Bridge a couple of years earlier but weren't really in the market at that time to make a wholesale change. However, the efficiency and willingness to assist us on an accelerated basis really caught our eye and that led to holding conversations to convert our banking needs to them. 

During that process, it became apparent that this bank placed a high emphasis on customer service and would go the extra measure to see that we received what we needed. This, in and of itself, represented a significant and welcome change from what we were experiencing with the big bank we had been utilizing for 25 years. 

Our banking needs are fairly standard; operating and payroll accounts, along with a number of other checking accounts, some letters of credit for lease purposes, and usage of the ACH function for staff reimbursements. Our experience with the Bank in fulfilling these needs has been excellent. It is a pleasure to partner with an organization that is responsive, professional, and friendly. It is also reassuring that we can pick up the phone and know that we'll be able to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about us and the question at hand. Even though our overall holdings with Chain Bridge are fairly modest, the service we consistently receive from them is first class. 

The concept of being a slightly larger fish in a smaller pond has really paid off for us and we unconditionally recommend Chain Bridge Bank as a financial partner."

- David S. Lauer, Vice President and Treasurer, American Insurance Association