Derek Blain, Principal Owner, Keller Williams Realty McLean/Great Falls

Keller Williams Realty McLean/Great Falls 

"Keller Williams Realty McLean/Great Falls has been banking with Chain Bridge Bank since 2014. We were looking for a bank with better customer service and more personal attention. Chain Bridge Bank offered us both. At Chain Bridge Bank, you’re not just another account. They care about you and your business. We liked that Chain Bridge Bank’s owners live local to our area. They care about the community and being involved.

At other banks, we felt like just another account to them. When we called for help or information, we were given an 800 number and were bounced around between different departments, many times not being able to get an answer or solution. It was time consuming and frustrating. At Chain Bridge Bank, we are treated with a high level of customer service. We have a designated personal representative that we can go to for all communication. That one person will answer our questions or find a solution. I don’t have to reach out to multiple people, and they’ve always handled things in an efficient and quick manner.

Chain Bridge Bank has always stepped up when we needed them. From a wire that needed to get out at the last minute of the day, to a phone call after hours for a business question, to participating in our charity golf event, or providing us with business financing, they’ve been there to help us at every step of the way."

- Derek Blain, Principal Owner, Keller Williams Realty McLean/Great Falls