Associate Meredith Lesher of Williams and Jensen

Williams & Jensen

"Williams & Jensen began their relationship with Chain Bridge in 2008. The level of client service at Chain Bridge far exceeds that of larger, national banks. The client service team at Chain Bridge has been incredibly responsive. 

Chain Bridge understands the complexities of working with Political Action Committees (PACs) and has provided a seamless experience of establishing and administering my PAC clients. Chain Bridge has also provided an exceptional online experience that allows me to easily manage all of my PAC clients. 

Chain Bridge understands that PACs do not operate like regular businesses. While other banks were asking for Board minutes or financials to establish a PAC or to issue PAC credit cards, Chain Bridge understood that the legal requirements surrounding PACs are completely different, and they tailored our experience to those requirements. 

In addition, Chain Bridge has made the process of getting credit cards for our PAC clients much easier than other banks. Chain Bridge has provided our organization the ability to quickly make deposits from our office with a remote deposit terminal and has always had a team of individuals that has offered exceptional client service support."

- Meredith Lesher, Associate, Williams & Jensen