Treasury Management

For a small service charge, and more robust online banking services, our Cash Management platform allows clients to initiate wire transfers, originate ACH transactions, view additional remittance information through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and mitigate fraud with Positive Pay.

Wire Transfers

Chain Bridge Bank is fully automated and on-line with the Federal Reserve Bank’s ACH and wire transfer electronic payments systems. You can initiate domestic and international wire transfers through our Cash Management online banking platform for same-day delivery, and set-up templates for reoccurring wires. We accept wire transfer advice online, via email and fax, or in person up to 4:45pm each business evening to ensure your vendors are paid in a timely manner.

ACH Transactions

We offer ACH services for companies who wish to transact the collection and disbursements of funds in batches through the national Automated Clearing House network. Through our Cash Management online banking, you can initiate, verify, and delete ACH transactions, and schedule reoccurring transactions. ACH cash management is a cost-effective way to pay vendors and a low-cost alternative to check writing that helps large client’s manage their account balances.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our EDI service, accessible through the Chain Bridge Bank Cash Management online banking platform, provides timely access of remittance information from your ACH transactions. EDI advice will improve the efficiency of your operation and the availability of your funds by reducing delays caused by invoices, mail and check depositing.

Positive pay

This detection tool will help prevent check and ACH fraud, by matching items presented to your account against a list of previously authorized debits that you provide us, complete with check number, dollar amount, and issue date. Instead of waiting for your statement, speed up the process by having same day access to suspend suspicious items, by placing stop pays and return fraudulent debits.