Why Chain Bridge Bank

Chain Bridge's combination of attentive personal service, leading edge technology, and a first-rate balance sheet is a rarity in banking. Its clients know that their cash management needs will be met and their deposits secure. This is what has led many institutions that need a bank they can trust – particularly nonprofits – to choose Chain Bridge as their financial partner.

Chain Bridge's officers understand how to bank sophisticated enterprises that require the banker to have knowledge of their operating space and provide tailored service. It is fast and easy to open a deposit account at Chain Bridge Bank and get personal attention on any aspect of banking. The Bank's clients don’t work banking hours and neither do its officers.

Like large banks, Chain Bridge devotes a significant portion of its budget to technology spending. But unlike the mass retail banks, such technology investments are geared to new banking applications rather than maintaining the decades-old legacy systems that strain Wall Street. Chain Bridge's Treasury Management platform has newer features like Positive Pay and peer-to-peer transfer. It is available for all commercial clients, including as a mobile app. In contrast to the legacy products, it has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use.    

Chain Bridge also stand out from the herd in that it does not pay commissions to employees or referral sources. The bankers provide products and services based on the client’s financial objectives, not a compensation structure. This intentional lack of a sales culture allows the client to define their relationship with the Bank. In keeping with this mission, Chain Bridge eschews high and opaque fees. Where it has service charges, they are transparent and reasonable.

New clients often come to Chain Bridge through referrals from longtime clients and typically stand to benefit from a relationship-based banking experience in the context of a balance sheet that is second to none. Their bank becomes an asset to them.

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