CEO John Brough

Message from Chief Executive  Officer John Brough

Welcome Neighbors, Partners and Friends,  

Many people ask ”what is a community bank and how are they different?” There are many banks to choose from, especially in the DC area, so it is a very good question. I feel the greatest benefit a community bank such as Chain Bridge Bank offers is a focus on the needs of local families, businesses and community organizations. The owners, managers and employees of Chain Bridge Bank work and live in the communities we serve, so we understand the unique needs of our clients.

Through our banking services we reinvest your deposits back into our community in the form of loans or investments. We strive to customize solutions for you. We offer all of the products and services of a large institutional bank, we just do so with a slightly old-fashioned sense of personal client service. We are always available for you. You can stop by almost any day and talk with our chairman, president and management team.

Our responsibilities extend beyond offering traditional banking products such as loans and deposits. We are committed to building a strong and vibrant community by teaching financial literacy and participating in community activities. Some of the activities we have undertaken in the community include:

  • The establishment of an in-school bank at Franklin Sherman Elementary School . This program teaches financial literacy and savings awareness to young community members.
  • Participation in Teach Kids to Save Day. Through this program bank officers and employees visit local schools and teach students the importance of saving and financial awareness.
  • Leadership roles and membership in community groups such as the McLean Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, McLean Community Foundation, Leadership Center for Excellence, McLean Orchestra, and McLean Project for the Arts.
  • Participation as leaders and coaches in various local sports organizations including McLean Little League, Catholic Youth Organization and soccer organizations.
  • Chain Bridge Bank also is a reliable sponsor of local schools, charitable organizations and community events. 

Chain Bridge Bank is committed to keeping our community vibrant and growing.


John Brough

Chief Executive Officer