Online Banking FAQs

How much history can I see Online?

You have the ability to view 4 months of current history. Your statements are saved for 6 months starting from the month you opened your online bankin should you need additional history information.

What is the cut off time for transactions made through online banking?

The transfer cut-off time for current day’s business is 9:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Any transfers made after this time will be considered “Next Day’s Business.”

What is online banking?

  • Online banking allows our clients secure and convenient access to their accounts using the Internet anytime 24/7. Some of the functions available with our online banking are:
  • View and print information on all accounts including loans. Review and print transactions and history.
  • Confirm deposits, withdrawals and cleared checks.
  • Transfer funds between accounts and make loan payments.
  • View images of checks and deposit transactions.
  • View and print monthly statements.
  • Enroll for paperless statement delivery.

How do I add the optional Bill Payer service if I did not select it when I applied for Online Banking?

Contact a Personal Banker at our office. You must be an authorized signer on the account.

How much does online banking cost?

Online banking is FREE for Chain Bridge Bank clients.

Does my spouse need his or her own ID and PIN?

No. Only one PIN is used per online banking ID. An additional online banking ID and PIN can be created for your spouse.

How do I add or delete accounts to my existing online banking relationship?

Contact a Personal Banker at our office. You must be an authorized signer on the account.

When will transfers show in my account?

A transfer will show up immediately in your account if you set up the transfer to occur immediately. If you future dated the transfer, it will show up in your account on that day.

What happens if I don’t log off of the system?

Online banking has a 10 minute time-out feature. If you are logged in for 10 consecutive minutes without using online banking, you will have to log in again to resume banking.

Can I view my check images online?

Online banking gives you the ability to view your check and deposit images online. You just click the check number and you will see an image of your check.

Is online banking a secure online product?

Yes! Online banking uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology along with 128 bit encryption. There is 24/7 monitoring of the servers that run our online banking. There is a yearly external audit done on online banking. You can view more details on the Security webpage.

Does my Internet Browser require anything special?

Your Internet Browser must have 128 bit encryption and have the cookies enabled. If you are missing either of these items, you will not be able to access online banking.

How do I use online banking?

After you enter your PIN number on the first screen of online banking, you will be shown a list of your accounts and the balance in each. If you want more detail, or want to carry out a transaction, just select the function from the pull down menu for the account you are interested in.

How can I get online banking?

Chain Bridge Bank clients can start the Internet Banking set up process by visiting our office to complete the one-time application or sign up online.

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How late in the day can I enter, edit, or delete a payment?

Payments are processed at 3:00am EST and 1:00pm EST daily Monday through Friday. You may edit or delete any scheduled payments prior to the processing times. You may enter a new payment at any time.