Safeguarding Your Privacy

At Chain Bridge Bank, our mission is to serve our customers. As financial service professionals entrusted with sensitive financial information, we respect your privacy and are committed to treating your confidential information responsibly. We recognize that one of our most important assets is our customers’ trust. Thus, the safekeeping of customer information is a priority of Chain Bridge Bank. To find out more about our privacy policies, click here.

Chain Bridge Bank uses the some of the most advanced security available today. For example, in our online banking system all sensitive information is protected by SSL encryption. Online access requires not only a Personal ID and a Password, but additional layers of multi-factor authentication. We strive to ensure security while maintaining a convenient, user-friendly experience. To find out more about our online banking security, click here.

Wire Fraud Notice

There have been increased reports across the nation of a theft scheme that involves hackers stealing email addresses and sending fraudulent wire instructions. As a prospective or current client, we want to raise your awareness of tactics fraudsters use and share steps you can take to minimize your risk of becoming a victim. If you send a wire to a fraudulent party, recovering the wire is almost impossible. YOUR MONEY WILL BE LOST. Please review the below notices for mortgage and commercial clients that we have all clients sign:

SMS Text messages alerts


Add an extra layer of security against debit card fraud with our anti-fraud text alerts, a free tool for all Chain Bridge Bank customers. Receive and respond to text message alerts on your mobile device when your debit card is used for transactions that include:

  • International transactions
  • Authorizations greater than $500
  • 5 or more authorizations in 24 hours
  • Card not present
  • Declined authorizations

Click here to enroll and here to get more information.

Email Solicitation

Chain Bridge Bank does not solicit information (Social Security Number, account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, etc) by means of email. If you receive an email requesting confidential information from someone claiming to represent Chain Bridge Bank, do not respond to the email. Please call any one of our representatives to report any solicitation of this kind that you receive. For contact information, click here

Lost or Stolen Card

Was your Chain Bridge Bank debit or credit card lost or stolen? Please report it immediately: 

ATM/Debit card: 866-546-8273.

Credit card: 800-854-7642

After reporting your card please contact the banking office at or call 703-748-3430 to receive a replacement card.

You can also now change the status of your debit card from your mobile device or online banking. You can activate your new card, suspend (freeze) the card or mark the card as lost or stolen. More information can be found here

Security Alerts

Please check this page for security alerts.