Effective July 1, the Federal Reserve Board released a rule called Restrictive Endorsement (RE) that affects how you will need to endorse checks when making mobile deposits.  When depositing checks via the CBB Mobile App, you must write “For Mobile Deposit Only” under your signature on the back of the check. 

Restrictive Endorsement placement on the back of a check

If you do not complete the endorsement properly, you will receive an error message.

Restrictive Endorsement error 

The Board's goal through RE is to reduce accidental double deposits.  Here are some tips to properly sign the RE for a successful read:

  • Restrictive Endorsements must be written legibly with dark ink using print. Inscriptions written in longhand or cursive will have lower read rates.
  • The rear image must be clear and in focus with all four corners of the check visible, allowing the RE to be clearly legible.
  • The RE inscription must be isolated and not overlap with other text, signatures, etc.
  • The RE must be written horizontally in the endorsement area of the check when the check is held vertically in portrait mode. 
  • The RE must be in the correct orientation (not upside-down).
  • Phrases should be written on one or two lines.  Phrases that are written in three or more lines will not read well. 
  • While a two-line RE is now available, the RE read rate will be less than when the phrase is written entirely on one line.
  • Abbreviated inscriptions will not work e.g.: using "4" instead of "For" or "Dep" instead of "Deposit".