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First Quarter 2024 Results
This document provides an overview of Chain Bridge Bancorp, Inc.'s financial performance for the three months ended March 31, 2024.  It includes a letter to stockholders, consolidated financial highlights featuring key performance indicators, and detailed consolidated balance sheet and income statement information.  To access the full Earnings Letter, please click here

High-Level Industry Comparison Graphs
These graphs provide a high-level comparison of Chain Bridge Bank, N.A. with Bank of America, N.A., Citibank, N.A., JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., PNC Bank, N.A., U.S. Bank, N.A., and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. across several key banking metrics as of 03/31/2024.  These include Capital and Liquidity Ratios (which indicate financial stability), Transaction Accounts/Deposits (which reflect client trust and engagement), Risk-Weighted Asset Density (which represents the risk profile), and the Texas Ratio (a measure of a bank’s asset health).  For perspective, each graph also includes the average values for all U.S. commercial banks, providing a valuable benchmark.  To view the High-Level Industry Comparison Graphs, please click here.

Detailed Industry Comparison
This Detailed Industry Comparison evaluates the financial strength of Chain Bridge by comparing it to its competitors at the national, regional, and local levels. The assessment focuses on important metrics monitored by bank regulators, such as liquidity, capitalization, risk indicators, asset quality, and efficiency. To view the Detailed Industry Comparison as of 03/31/2024, please click here.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Breakdown
Chain Bridge Bank, N.A.'s commercial real estate (CRE) breakdown graph displays the bank's CRE and Construction & Land Development loans as a percentage of its total risk-based capital as of March 31, 2024 in comparison to the regulatory guidance. This information is useful for stakeholders to understand the bank's exposure to commercial real estate loans. To access Chain Bridge Bank, N.A.'s CRE breakdown, please click here.

Summary Asset Quality Report
Chain Bridge Bank, N.A.'s Summary Asset Quality report offers a comprehensive overview of the bank's credit risk exposure and the quality of its loan portfolio.  This report highlights key metrics, including nonperforming assets, loan loss reserves, net charge-offs, and other real estate owned.  By examining asset quality, stakeholders can gauge the potential impact of credit risk on the bank's profitability and financial stability.  To access Chain Bridge Bank, N.A.’s Last Four Years and Year-to-date (through 3/31/2024) Asset Quality report, please click here.

Canary Report
The OCC's Canary Report system is a method of assessing the risk levels of banks using a quantitative regulatory scoring system. It evaluates various risk factors associated with a bank and assigns a score based on the level of risk they pose. The fewer the risk factors, the better. The scores are intended to provide a clear and concise summary of a bank's risk profile, helping regulators and other stakeholders to better understand the bank's overall risk exposure. To access Chain Bridge Bank, N.A.’s Last Four Years and Year-to-date (through 3/31/2024) Canary Reports, please click here.

Regulatory Financial Highlights
Chain Bridge’s Regulatory Financial Highlights report offers essential insights into the bank's financial stability, performance, risk profile, asset quality, and efficiency.  The metrics provide a comprehensive assessment of the bank's financial health, helping stakeholders identify potential issues and evaluate its ability to manage risks effectively.  To access Chain Bridge Bank, N.A.’s Last Four Years and Year-to-date (through 3/31/2024) Regulatory Financial Highlights, please click here.

Annual Reports, including Audited Financial Statements
Click here to view the 2023 Annual Report.

Access the most recent and prior year Annual Reports, with accompanying audited financial statements, by clicking below.

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