Wealth Planning Services

Plan Your Wealth's Future Path

Chain Bridge Bank, N.A. offers a suite of services designed to help shape your financial future. These services aim to support your unique financial aspirations and needs.

Guidance on Wealth Strategy

Our trust officers provide information that may guide your financial decisions. They can assist you in setting wealth accumulation goals, considering major outlays into retirement, and planning for significant investments in areas such as business formations, real estate transactions or education decisions.

Cash Flow Strategy

We offer guidance on major expenses and lifestyle shifts such as retirement, including forecasting future outlays, analyzing income, strategizing on savings, and optimizing investment management. This guidance aims to support your financial planning but does not guarantee a financially secure future.

Tax Efficiency Strategy

Our trust officers help you understand the potential tax impacts on your wealth. They offer insights into tax-efficient investment strategies and retirement withdrawals. Although we don't offer tax, legal, or accounting advice, we can connect you with tax professionals for comprehensive planning.

Investment Strategy

Our specialists can help formulate a personalized wealth strategy plan that aligns with your aspirations. This strategy involves an assessment of your current position and consideration of factors such as risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, tax implications, and investment horizon. Our investment philosophy emphasizes diversification and cost efficiency, and we favor broad-based, total market index funds where appropriate.

Risk Management

Risk management forms a crucial part of a comprehensive wealth strategy, offering protection against unexpected events. We can provide unbiased advice on various risk management solutions, including life, health, disability, long-term care, and property insurance. Because we do not sell insurance, we recommend that you consult an insurance professional for definitive guidance. 

Estate Strategy Guidance

We offer general insights into estate strategy, covering financial aspects of wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, and powers of attorney. While we don't create legal documents or offer legal advice, we collaborate with your estate planning attorneys and accountants.

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For further information on Trustee Services with Chain Bridge Bank, N.A., please contact us to discuss your trust and estate needs.

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Investment products and services are:

Not a Deposit  ●  Not FDIC Insured  ●  May Lose Value  ●  Not Bank Guaranteed  ●  Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency

Please Note: Investment products and services carry investment risks, including the potential loss of the principal amount invested. They are not FDIC Insured, bank guaranteed, or insured by any federal government agency.

Important: Chain Bridge Bank, N.A. does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. The information provided here should not serve as, nor be relied upon for, tax, legal, or accounting advice. We strongly recommend consulting your own tax, legal, and accounting advisors before engaging in any financial transaction.

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