Executor and Estate Administration Services

Chain Bridge Bank, N.A. offers estate administration services, acting in various fiduciary roles such as executor, administrator, personal representative, or agent for executor of an estate. Estate administration services may be provided under a trust or a will.

Our team collaborates with families and legal representatives to assist in the management of the estate.

Estate Settlement Services

Probating the Will
If the estate administration is governed by a will, we will probate it in the applicable jurisdiction.

Asset Gathering
We identify and collect assets as directed by the will or trust.

Business Affairs Settlement
We assist in resolving remaining business affairs and legal obligations in accordance with the will's or trust’s instructions.

Debt and Tax Management
We coordinate the settlement of debts and taxes.

Tax Return Assistance
We provide support for the preparation of tax returns related to the estate, including personal, estate, inheritance and fiduciary income tax returns.

Asset Management and Distribution:

Asset Valuation and Appraisal
We arrange professional appraisals to determine asset values.

Asset Safeguarding and Management
We assist in overseeing assets during the estate settlement process.

Beneficiary Asset Distribution
We facilitate the distribution of assets to beneficiaries according to the will's or trust’s directives.

Executor Support Services:

Collaboration with Legal and Financial Advisors
We coordinate with external professionals.

Estate Record-Keeping
We maintain records of estate transactions, and prepare or can assist in the preparation of formal accountings to the court.

Trust Administration Services:

Trust Management
We assist in managing asset distribution according to trust documents.

Trust Investment Management
We oversee trust assets in accordance with trust agreements.

Additional Considerations
We handle securities custody, reporting, and insurance coverage for trust assets.

Supplementary Services:

Real Estate Sales
We assist in the sale of real estate with location-based service charges.

Specialized Asset Management
We engage third-party managers for specific assets.

Court Filings
We handle court filings with an additional service charge.

Unique Situations
We can manage specific tasks, such as inventorying personal assets or handling pets.

Record Keeping and Custodial Service Charge
We charge separately for accepting, holding, and monitoring the assets of the estate.

Estate Administration Service Charge Schedule:
For detailed information on our service charges, please refer to our Estate Administration Service Charge Schedule.


For further information on Trustee Services with Chain Bridge Bank, N.A., please contact us to discuss your trust and estate needs.

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