Asset and IRA Custody Services

Chain Bridge Bank, N.A. Trust & Wealth offers a comprehensive suite of asset custody services. These services are tailored for a variety of needs, including self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and unique and hard-to-value assets. As a national bank, we operate under a robust regulatory framework designed for trust and fiduciary responsibilities, offering a level of asset protection that may exceed what is typically available from financial service providers with less stringent regulatory oversight, such as brokerage firms.

Asset Custody

When we act solely as a custodian, our focus is on the administrative tasks essential for safeguarding your financial assets. In this role, we neither have investment authority nor exercise discretionary authority over the assets.

Our custody system is designed to offer flexible accounting options to meet the specific needs of trustees and investors. These options include specialized accounting methods for trusts, estates, and conservatorships, helping ensure that both accounting and record-keeping conform to the Uniform Fiduciary Income and Principal Act.

Custody for Unique and Hard-to-Value Assets
Clients with complex family trusts or specialized investment needs can benefit from our tailored custody services for unique and hard-to-value assets. These services can handle a variety of assets, from residential real estate and privately held company stocks to partnership interests, life insurance, promissory notes, tangible assets, and collectibles. This range of services distinguishes us from brokerage firms, which typically handle only publicly traded securities.

IRA Custody Services
If you're considering a self-directed IRA, our custody services offer a unique advantage. We can hold a diverse range of assets, from publicly traded securities to unique and hard-to-value assets, including real estate and privately held securities. This flexibility allows for a more diversified investment strategy within your IRA.

Users of Asset and IRA Custody Services
Our services cater to a diverse clientele, including trustees, individuals with self-directed IRAs, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices.

If you seek to separate asset custody from investment advice, our services offer an ideal solution. We focus on streamlined asset administration, meticulous record-keeping, and secure asset holding. These features cater especially busy individuals or those lacking specialized expertise in asset custody, trust accounting and record-keeping.

Custody Service Charges
For a detailed breakdown of our service charges, please refer to the Service Charge Schedule. This document outlines the annual service charges based on the fair market value of all assets in your account. It also specifies any additional charges that may apply for special assets or transactions

Due Diligence in Custody
Before entrusting your assets to any institution, we strongly recommend thorough due diligence. Examine the institution's regulatory framework, reputation, and financial stability to make an informed choice.

Contact Us
For further details on our custody services, including our specialized IRA services and capabilities for hard-to-value assets, please contact us. 

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Investment products and services are:

Not a Deposit  ●  Not FDIC Insured  ●  May Lose Value  ●  Not Bank Guaranteed  ●  Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency

Please Note: Investment products and services carry investment risks, including the potential loss of the principal amount invested. They are not FDIC Insured, bank guaranteed, or insured by any federal government agency.

Important: Chain Bridge Bank, N.A. does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. The information provided here should not serve as, nor be relied upon for, tax, legal, or accounting advice. We strongly recommend consulting your own tax, legal, and accounting advisors before engaging in any financial transaction.

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