Message from Chairman Peter G. Fitzgerald

Welcome to Chain Bridge Bank, National Association. Our mission is to deliver exceptional banking and trust services nationwide. By blending financial strength, personalized service, and advanced technology, we offer tailored solutions to businesses, non-profits, political organizations, individuals, and families.

Our vision is to grow responsibly, adapting our personalized service and advanced technology solutions to our clients' evolving needs, while emphasizing strong liquidity, asset quality, and financial strength.

We offer a full range of commercial and personal banking services, including deposits, mortgages, loans, trusts, wealth management, and asset custody. We specialize in serving trade associations, non-profit organizations, law firms, accounting firms, government contractors, lobbying practices, advertising and public relations agencies, and think tanks.

As a premier bank for federal and state political committees, we serve corporate PACs, national party committees, candidate committees, Super PACs, and tax-exempt issue advocacy organizations. Our diverse clientele, spanning 47 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, attests to our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Our commercial relationship managers and operations specialists are known for their industry familiarity and accessibility, and they work hand-in-hand with your accounting officers and staff. Our Treasury Management platform supports high transaction volumes and accommodates multi-user access, varied roles, and permissions. It integrates with popular accounting software and offers extensive mobile convenience, including batch check deposits and on-the-go transaction approvals.

For personal banking clients, we enable a secure and user-friendly digital platform, featuring biometric security, two-factor authentication, passkeys for desktop use, and Zelle for easy transactions. Our personal bankers stand out for their friendliness and professionalism.

Our team of commercial lenders, residential mortgage experts, and Trust & Wealth officers are ready to help meet your unique needs.

Chain Bridge Bank, N.A. is committed to delivering exceptional banking services, wherever you are. For more information on how we can meet your banking and trust needs, please visit our get in touch page. Experience our dedication to “Strength, Service, and Solutions: Your Bridge to Better Banking Nationwide.”


Peter G. Fitzgerald
Chairman of the Board
Chain Bridge Bank, N.A.

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