Secured Business Credit Card

Ideal for New Businesses, Nonprofits and Political Campaigns

New businesses, nonprofits and political campaigns seeking to scale quickly will benefit from the Chain Bridge Bank, N.A. Secured Business Credit Card. Organizations without borrowing capacity or traditional finances are eligible for this card.

The application does not require financial statements for credit limit requests below $100,000. The amount of cash needed to secure the cards is 110% of the approved credit limit. For example, a $10,000 credit limit would be secured by an $11,000 deposit account pledged as collateral. The 10% overage covers interest, late fees and potential over-the-limit transactions. All cash collateral will be held in a separate account maintained at Chain Bridge Bank, N.A.

The Chain Bridge Bank, N.A. Secured Business Credit Card offers a fast and simple way to get a contactless Mastercard for use by everyone who needs one—with relationship-based service.

The Chain Bridge Bank, N.A. Secured Business Credit Card features:
  • No financials required for credit limit requests under $100,000.
  •  Deposit servicing for the 110% required cash collateral.
  •  Lower annual percentage rate than our unsecured credit cards.
  •  Interest rate derived from the U.S. prime rate.
  •  Mastercard Just Tap & Go™ contactless payment technology.
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Dedicated Service

Our team supports your organization from onboarding to servicing.

Corporate Credit

Build a credit history for your organization through prudent use of credit. 


Save time with our innovative technology—designed to simplify your experience.

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All credit cards, credit limits, and interest rates are subject to credit approval. This is not a commitment to make a loan. Interest rate may vary based on credit and relationship.

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